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Glenn Vanderbug:

If you’ve ever wanted to explore Naked Objects as a way of building cool, powerful business applications quickly — or if you’ve already tried Naked Objects but decided it wasn’t ready yet — you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Jared Richardson:

It was quite amazing. It reminded me of the first time I saw Dave Thomas give a Rails demo.

Neal Ford: it's worth jumping over to his site to get a preview of the future.

Matt Payne: ROCKS!

John Reynolds:

Why JMatter matters - a wake-up call for programmers


The jMatter framework, Eitan Suez' modern implementation of the Naked Objects Architectural Pattern using Swing, Hibernate, and deployed with Java WebStart, has been open-sourced this week

Developer Feedback (Mailing list and Email)

Luiz Carlos Muniz

Your framework is great. It is amazing.

Ryan Ramage


I have just stumbled on your project today. It looks wonderful. I had started a similar concept about 4 yrs ago, based on javabeans. Each bean to have a editor/renderer, Lists of beans to have a collection editor, and the whole thing you navigate based on the class of the bean. Support relationship navigation. It was backed by hibernate. I have retired the idea, not having the time or manpower to finish it. I have been thrilled to see how far and deep you have worked out a similar framework. Congrats on such an effort. I whole-heartedly agree with this methodology. Most apps are so redundant, and the model is the vital part. Model correctly and the app should 'build itself'.

I am excited to spend some more time learning and diving into jmatter. If at some point you need some help implementing something, I would be glad to assist.

Again. This 'framework' looks great...


Anyway, still playing around with jmatter. Day 3 since discovering it. It delights me more and more!

Helmut Wick

..I would like to congratulate Eitan to his amazing work!


Honestly, I think JMatter has some of the best documentation I've seen.

Andy Lima

jMatter is an amazing framework. :)

Comment by Nat

Isn't that the concept behind J2EE? You write some "beans" that define your domain model and you get all this middleware stuff for free.

The only difference is that J2EE doesn't give you a huge amount of stuff, and is very complicated.