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JMatter IntelliJ IDEA Templates

This tool thus far consists of one basic file template and a number of live templates that can significantly assist the development of JMatter applications within IDEA.


No need to download. This is now bundled with jmatter in jmatter/tools/idea


  1. Locate the base directory of your IntelliJ IDEA preferences directory. On my disk it's ~/.IntelliJIdea50

  2. Copy the file to config/fileTemplates

  3. Copy the file jmatter.xml to config/templates


After creating a Java project, you can create basic JMatter model objects in a manner similar to the creation of new classes:

  1. Select a package in the side bar
  2. Right-click "New->ACO"
  3. Specify the class name

In the IDEA project settings, enter the "Live Templates" section. You can inspect the various live templates defined for jmatter under the "jmatter" tree node.

Some examples include:

   fo      -> expands to the metadata specification for fieldOrder
   flat    -> expands to the 'flattenIntoParent' metadata specification
   bprop   -> will write the bound property getter and setter methods for you
   tv      -> tabViews..
   plu     -> will write the pluralName() method to override the pluralname for a type