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Posted by Eitan Suez Thu, 18 Sep 2008 08:23:00 GMT

oslo is a great city. and javazone is a great conference. and i have never seen a jug that compares to the javabin. the javabin, oslo's jug, is responsible for creating javazone.

with respect to jmatter and the talk that i presented yesterday, i must be honest that i was quite disappointed. actually that's an understatement. attendance was quite low, perhaps 30 people. in comparison i attended many less-than-average presentations that were "packed to the gills." anyhow, for me, it's not worth a trip halfway across the world. i feel that the jmatter message is falling on deaf ears.

i am coming to the conclusion that many developers are very conservative. they don't think for themselves. instead, they look around and ask themselves: "how can i avoid getting into trouble? what's everyone else doing? ok, follow the herd." at the talk just prior to mine, titled something along the lines of "a comparison of ioc frameworks: spring, tapestry ioc, google guice, etc.." they took a poll: everyone was using spring. no one was using anything else.

at javazone, one of the tag lines, or motto, is: "ignorance hurts" (see link). they've got a cartoon of three guys in space suits on planet x, and one of them removes his helmet, and shortly afterwards his head explodes. ignorance hurts.

the talk i've enjoyed listening to the most so far was gilad bracha's presentation on a new language he's working on named "newspeak." the jabs and jokes he made about other languages including java were truly entertaining.

over and out.



  1. correction: said 15 minutes later:

    not everyone was using spring. there was one person in the audience using tapestry ioc. and that was my friend, howard.

  2. Per Spilling said about 24 hours later:

    Hi Eitan, Thanks for the kind words about the JavaZone conference! Sorry to hear about the low attendance at your talk though. JMatter looks very interesting, and I will for sure try to spread the word about this framework so that more people here in Norway become aware of it, so maybe your trip to Oslo wasn't a waste of time after all :-) Regards, -Per

  3. eitan said 2 days later:

    hi per, i just got back to texas..and re-reading my post, perhaps i should have waited a day or two for my feelings to settle down instead of ranting. javazone was a terriffic conference and i'm very glad i was there. in retrospect, speaking about jmatter was not my only goal. specifically i'm glad that i got to meet you and other folks from the javabin. the java community needs events such as this to bond and get to know one another. reflecting upon my trip, just the experience of getting to know oslo a little bit made it worthwhile. the way people live, the way they tackle problems, is very impressive, and it's making me think.

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