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UltraViolet. A light UML editor for JMatter.

Posted by Ryan Ramage Sat, 02 Sep 2006 09:48:00 GMT

I would like to introduce you to a new tool that can be used to generate JMatter applications. It is called UltraViolet.


It is a UML class editor that currently supports the following features:

  1. Classes.
    • Class name. Mark a class as abstract.
    • Class annotations such as color, icon, plural name, etc...
    • Attributes. Add all fields for the class with name, type. Also annotations for each one, ie. show in tab, flatten, etc...
  2. Associations. Draw associations between classes. Associations can be 1-1, 1-, or *-. On each side of the relationship, define if users can navigate to the other side.
  3. Model Inheritance. A class can extend from another class.
  4. A umlc compiler. Create an application or a UML diagram from a simple text format. Please check the .uml files generated to see the syntax.
  5. A JMatter control panel. From this panel, control the main targets of the JMatter build script. This way it is possible to run the application without leaving UltraViolet.

To try UltraViolet, download it from here:


Unzip it, and read the README.TXT file to get started.

Browse the project page at:

Watch for more features and integration with JMatter in the next little while!

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