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Posted by Eitan Suez Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:04:00 GMT

Approximately a month ago, I contracted to perform a small software project using the jMatter framework.

I completed the project in a little under two weeks. The original estimate for doing this project without jMatter was in the order of two months. More specifically, the original estimate was 350 hours of development time, whereas I took 70 hours, using jMatter.

So, regarding the value proposition of jMatter: the license fee is $500 per year, and that's per developer. i.e. there are no deployment or royalty fees.

On a single project of the type I completed, the savings of 280 hours of development time, even at a modest rate of $65 per hour represent close to $20,000. That's 40 times the licensing fee, recouped in two weeks' time. Not bad.

Assuming you do twelve such projects in a work year, you're cashing in 500 times the licensing fee per year.

So, is jMatter a good value proposition?

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